Andaman is not really a place to go shopping. Here one comes to relax. Clear gentle water of sea, pollution free environment everything is for a perfect relief from the hectic city life. Amongst other plenty of activities you may forget about Shopping in Andaman. One cares more about swimming in the sea and observing marine flora fauna in their natural environment. Nevertheless, Port Blair is fast becoming a shopping center like other Indian city with some good markets.

Here mostly products made from corals and seashells can be seen. If you are having the curiosity what to shop in Andaman, the islands offer a wide variety of handicrafts made of wood, sea shells and pearls in the form of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. there are Coconut Shell Lamp Shades, Ashtrays, Nicobari Mats apart from Wood items like Walking Sticks, Trays, Bowls, Tables and Chairs. These items are available at Sagarika, Cottage Industries Emporium at Port Blair and Rangat, Khadi and Village Industries Show Room at Middle Point, Port Blair and several private show rooms in different parts of the town. The shopping places in Andaman or Andaman places for shopping are mainly concentrated at Port Blair. Aberdeen Bazar and the number of Government Emporiums that include the Cottage Industries Emporium, and the Gram Khadi Commission.