The temperature stays almost even most of the year between 22ºC and 33ºC. There are two rainy seasons one from June to mid September and the other from November to mid December. December and January is the busiest season. It has a tropical climate. There are no severe climate conditions except for tropical storms and rains in late summers and monsoons. Summers (March to May) are warm but pleasant with sea breeze and have humidity level about 80%. It is suitable for all kinds of tourist activities.

Monsoons (May to August) and Post Monsoons (September to November) accompany medium to heavy rain falls. Winters (December to February) are not chilly and ideal for sightseeing. Best time to visit Andaman or Andaman suitable time for trip is from October to May. If you are thinking is May good time to go to Andaman, the answer will be yes it is. Andaman sightseeing in May is basically a good idea and also you can get engaged in water sports activities. October is a month for many festivals in Andaman including Durga Pooja and Mari Amman festivals. December – January is mesmerizing with the 10 day Island Tourism Festival.